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Laserluchs LA Dimmer 01

Stepless brightness control

The laser dimmer enables the brighteners 850-50-Pro II, 808-150 II, 980-50-Pro II and 905-50-Pro II from LASERLUCHS® to adjust the brightness continuously and always ensures an optimum image.

It offers a variety of innovative functions such as one-hand operation, an SOS emergency signal transmitter, battery voltage monitoring and a microprocessor-controlled pulse shift mode – so you achieve outstanding results even in fog, rain and snow.

Technical data


Laser dimmer Type: LA-Dimmer01
Dimmer mode: progressive brightness, 0-100% in 35 steps
Pulse shift mode: 0.5-200Hz in 0.5Hz increments
Microcontroller: 8-bit MCU RISC 8Mhz
Power supply: CR123 or Li-Ion battery CR123A
Power consumption (sleep mode): 15µA

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