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Night vision technology is highly technical. If you should have any questions about usage, we and our premium dealers will assist you. Quickly and in an easy-to-understand manner.


Germany: Use NightSpotter devices to the extent allowed by law without worrying about regulations. The’yre no forbidden items according to german gun law. This has also bee stated by the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA).


NightSpotter devices are calibrated by hand. One piece at a time with a coliminator. This way we can provide an unmatched precision ranging from 0,5 cm up to 100 m. This service is available to our customers at any time.

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High Resolution

The Gen 2+ High Resolution tube offers a resolution of 50 to 60 line pairs and a light sensitivity of 500 to 600 uA / lm, and this for an unbeatable price.


The Gen 2+ Photonis green or Onyx (black and white) tube provides the highest possible quality standard in this generation. Even without additional IR light Photonis tube reaches a very good quality. A better contrast, resolution of 55 to 70 line pairs and more detailed levels of sharpness are just a few of the benefits that Photonis tube has to offer.


Thermal imaging devices are the next level in the game monitoring. During the day time or at night, even by fog, rain or snow – this unit will perform at its best. Compared to residual light intensifier tubes thermal devices offer a much greater range and a very fast detection of heat sources which clearly distinguish them from the background.


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Custom calibration

Every NightSpotter night vision device is individually tailored to you. You can choose between 4 different tubes, the Gen 2+ High Resolution in green or black and white and the Gen 2+ Photonis in green or Onyx (black and white). For special requests don’t hesitate to contact our NightSpotter Premium dealer partners for a personal advice.

Legal security

Many users of night vision technology are insecure. Is the use of these devices legal? Is it possible to render oneself liable to presecution by simply owning them? In Germany NightSpotter devices are no forbidden items according to gun law. This has also been officially stated by the Bundeskriminalamt.
In other countries please always use NightSpotter devices according the the respective laws.

Unmatched service

Your requirement and satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore our NightSp⁄tter Premium dealer partners offer each customer individual approach, fast service and an unsurpassed adjustment precision our devices of up to 0.5 cm at 100 m. This level of precision  is achieved through manual adjustment on optical collimator which was specially designed for our devices. This exclusive service is available as NightSp⁄tter customer at any time.

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